If you could eat dinner with any 7 famous people, who would you choose?

When I saw this picture, I immediately got an idea for a new post. I urgently needed one, since I haven’t written anything for quite some time. Sorry!

I started thinking… which 7 famous people I would like to invite to dinner? I find many people in the entertainment industry interesting (maybe if I’d know them personally, I wouldn’t), so… how to choose only 7 of them?

Let’s see who I choose…

  1. Oprah Winfrey – I admire her because she’s been through so much in life and every time she was down, she picked herself up. Not only that, she’s now one of the most influential women in the World. She’s a true inspiration. I think I could talk to her about many different topics.
  2. Ellen DeGeneres – I love her sense of humor and her directness. She can say anything in her show (to any celebrity) and no one resents her nothing. I think talking to her would be so much fun.
  3. Tom Hanks – he’s my favorite actor. He played so many different roles and he was great in all of them. I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that he has a great sense of humor.
  4. Steve Carell – he’s hilarious. Whenever I see him (even in interviews), I laugh to tears.
  5. Josh Groban – in addition to his beautiful voice, he has an amazing sense of humor. I laughed heartily (read more here) at his concert. I think it can’t be dull in his company.
  6. Charlize Theron – she’s one of the most beautiful and talented actresses, for my opinion. She looks so natural, relaxed and apparently she’s also prepared for a variety of nonsense. It would be really cool to talk to her and to get to know her better.
  7. Robbie Williamshe’s such a jokester and charismatic at the same time. It’s more likely that I would remain speechless around him.

The list wouldn’t end here, if you ask me. I’d really like to meet Gerard Butler, Colin Egglesfield, Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, John Krasinski, Sting, Bruce Springsteen,… but probably none of this will ever happen, so… why worry?

Oh, and… I hardly have chosen only 7 of them, so please ignore the second part of the question – “Where would they sit?” Really, don’t expect from me to think also about seating arrangement.

Now it’s your turn. Who would you choose?

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8 Responses to If you could eat dinner with any 7 famous people, who would you choose?

  1. Lela Kikić says:

    7 famous people:
    1. Joey McIntyre-my teen celeb crush
    2. Oprah Winfrey-she is the queen in my eyes
    3. Ellen DeGeneres-there is no one like her
    4. Charlie Hunnam-I think he is one interesting person
    5. Khloe Kardashian-love her for who she is: honest and true
    6. Janet Jackson-my idol forever
    7. Tyler Perry-love his movies

    • Dasha says:

      Good choice. I like all of them except.. I have no idea who Charlie Hunnam is. Sorry!
      And btw: Joey was my first celebrity crush, too.

  2. Carol says:

    Jonny depp. Not only is he a great actor that can play any role, he is a very handsome man.
    Tom hanks. Excellent actor, down to earth, great attitude.
    All members of nkotb. Saw them in concert 4 times and never met them. Just saw them and john touched my hand and i teared up. I cant pick just 1.

    • Dasha says:

      I like your choice. I love NKOTB and Tom Hanks. I just have never understood the obsession around Johnny Depp but… beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. Simi says:

    Hmmm…. let`s see:
    1. Paulo Coelho……I just adore him 🙂 his books, the look on life well everything he does and writes.
    2. Aaliyah….:) she was my idol Im wondering what she would say now beeing an angel.
    3. Mother Meera she is not from the bizz but just having her around I bet it would change my life….as one minute stare changes you.
    4. Robert de Niro…..don`t know why but he is the best actor 🙂
    5. Will Smith…..I just adore him for everything that he is.
    6. Jaime Camil …. for the beauty of it all.
    7. Usher ….. for no reason al all 🙂 hihi and Jordan K. ….for good old times 🙂

  4. frutina says:

    tina fey, amy poehler, seth meyers, jimmy fallon, ellen degeneres, jon stewart, ricky gervais. all fun & intelligent people.

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