10 music bloggers who write about unsigned artists

It’s Follow Friday on Twitter today. This time I decided to tackle it a little differently. Instead of all those lists and mentions, I decided to write a list on my blog.

So… Here’s a list of bloggers, who promote new artists as well:

  1. The Dutch Guy is a funny guy with a great taste in music… You can follow him on Twitter – @DutchGuyOnAir.
  2. On a blog Song For The Day you can find a song each day for which Adam thinks we should hear. You can find him on Twitter under @asongfortheday.
  3. Too Many Blogs is fairly a new blog, but I’m already a huge fan. I like James’s choice of music. On twitter you can find him under @toomanyblogs.
  4. House In The Sand is a music blog, written by a journalism student. Vanessa is always into working with musicians. She tweets under the name @houseinthesand.
  5. Author of the Music vs. The World is a music lover, listener, reviewer and blogger. Click follow on @musicvstheworld, you won’t be sorry.
  6. Musical musings by Michael aka. 140 Plus. This is his spot in the digital world to put his thoughts on music that spill over that critical limit of 140 characters. He tweets at @SirMop26.
  7. It’s all about music on Nessi’s blog Carpe Carmina and her Twitter page @NessiHolt.
  8. On the blog Sounds Good To Me Too you can find music from any genre, new and old. Matt, Tim, Tom and Luke simply write about music they love. On twitter you can find them under the name @soundinggood.
  9. Sunny Stuart Winter is a music industry blogger, international tour manager, publishing assistant, discovererer of new music. Follow him @sunnynorwich.
  10. A Higher Revelation is a music blog, written by Tania. Go to @higherevelation and press on that follow button.

If anyone else wants to be on the list of bloggers (in the near future I’ll write a new one), leave me a comment below or contact me on Twitter @DashaRocksBlog.

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22 Responses to 10 music bloggers who write about unsigned artists

  1. Bill Quinn says:

    G’day Dasha/@dasaples and thanks for the follow on Twitter.
    I do interviews with mostly unsigned artists and go to a lot of festivals.
    Some of my stuff is on my blog but most of it ends up on one of the best blogs in Australia: http://www.timberandsteel.wordpress.com @timberandsteel
    Bill Quinn

    • Angelle says:

      Currently my website is down.. But I am interested in your blog.. I am releasing my new single Called Netflix N Chill. I would love for you to put that in your blogs.. Please email
      Me back and let me know what you think. Just an indie artist trying to get there

  2. Hi,

    I tend to blog about both unsigned and indie artists at http://oceanicblueuk.blogspot.co.uk
    All the best,

  3. Tracey says:

    I blog about The Unfortunates on my blog. http://www.with-the-band.com
    (I am their unofficial 5th member-assistant manager, media manager and photographer) so everything written is my perspective of the adventure. 

  4. Craig says:

    My website has been reviewing an featuring unsigned artists since 2009 – http://www.themusicmag.com

    Please consider adding us to any future lists, I’d be very grateful :).


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    The Listening Post Blog

  6. Mark B says:

    I blog about unsigned artist, musicians, songwriters, and people in the biz of music. Check out Jamelle Fraley, she has worked with and toured with Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Hunter Hayes to name a few, she needs a break. Awesome singer songwriter along with her husband Brandon. Songs of hers written by herself and husband, Carrie Underwood, Lady Antebellum, Angelynn Tinsley, Todd Ashburn and Buddy Hyatt from the band TOTO. Check her out if you can.

    Thanks ,

  7. Hannah D says:

    If you’re looking at this article in 2016, check out my blog HD Music Promotion UK hdmusicpromotionuk.blogspot.co.uk – I blog about unsigned music artists! Get in touch if you’d like to be featured 🙂


  8. sonia says:

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  9. AMG says:

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  10. Albert Bevia says:

    Great post, being a unsigned artist myself these really help out. Cheers.

    Albert Bevia

  11. Stefan says:

    Hey we also post unsigned bands http://www.anrfactory.com

  12. Steve says:

    Does anyone remember “The Rewind Podcast” superb unsigned music show

  13. John Malcom says:

    Also, love http://BestMusicPromotions.com for people who want to get their music heard but don’t have a ton of cash

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