Introducing Morrisa Jeanine

To be completely honest, her music is not really “my kind of music”. However, I really like her voice and also some of her songs.  Since I have a really good feeling More »

Introducing The Kendricks

You know the feeling when you get an email for the music review and something tells you that this is going to be good?! And as soon as you hear them sing, More »

Introducing Meridian Lights

Meridian Lights is an alternative rock, electronica & soul band out of Brooklyn, NYC, consisting of vocalist Bradley Valentin and guitarist Yohimbe Sampson.

Bradley and Yohimbe were both influenced by many different genres More »

Introducing The Whereabouts

I wanted to write about them, as unsigned artists, a few months ago, but sadly I didn’t. In the meantime they signed a worldwide, multi year Synch representation agreement with Peermusic, one More »

Introducing Quinn Archer

Quinn Archer is a British born, Los Angeles based singer, songwriter. Her music was introduced to me as “a remarkable blend of gothic soul with the voice of an old-school diva and More »

Introducing Barsheem

Barsheem is a singer, songwriter, arranger and producer. Growing up in a home, where the sounds of Motown were played non-stop… and being influenced by Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Prince, Michael Jackson… his More »

Introducing Mark Rose

Do you know the feeling when, after just a first few chords, you know it will be a good song? This happened to me when I first heard Mark Rose’s “She Doesn’t”.

Mark More »

Introducing Marquee Mayfield

“If you like Jay Kay (Jamiroquai), you have to listen to Marquee Mayfield’s music”. You can find this comparison in every other article about him. To be honest, I did that too, More »

Introducing Wullae Wright

Wullae Wright is a singer/songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. He writes, records and produces all his own music, since 1999. During this time he recorded 4 self-produced albums and 2 EPs. His albums More »

Introducing Broadcast Hearts

Totally by coincidence I “discovered” the band Broadcast Hearts today. As soon as I heard the song “The Captain’s Call” I became a fan of their music. Just in case, I still More »

If you haven’t heard Joy Valencia’s songs, now is a good time to do so

A few days ago, a woman named Joy Valencia, started following me on Twitter. Since she has a verified account, but I haven’t heard of her before, I became curious. I went to her website and found out that she’s a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter.…

Gary Barlow’s Open Road

Since it’s a Throwback Thursday and I’ve heard Gary Barlow’s song “Open Road” after a very long time… I decided to write a post about it.

For those who don’t know Gary Barlow (is there anyone that doesn’t know him?)… he’s a frontman and lead vocalist of a British boyband/manband (call it what you want) Take That, a judge on the The X Factor, one of Britain’s most successful songwriters, pianist, record producer…

I can’t believe that this song (and the album with the same name) is already 16 years old.…

How is it possible that I haven’t heard of Passenger before?

Do you know a singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg, better known as Passenger? I have to admit that I haven’t heard of him before and he’s obviously quite popular. Some of his songs have a few millions views on YouTube. I mean… Halo?!…

The phenomenon of PSY

Even though I promised myself I won’t write negative things on my blog, I just can’t pass the new video from PSY, for his new song “Gentleman”.

I’m really sorry, but I find the video rather stupid, flashy and not even a little bit funny.…

New Kids On The Block: 10

The new NKOTB’s album, simply named “10”, is out today. Why “10”? Apparently because it’s their 10th album release in the US, including the compilation albums (please, correct me if I’m wrong). Otherwise, this is their 6th album and first studio album since 2008’s “The Block”.…

Colin Egglesfield – it should be illegal to be that hot

What’s a better way than to start this blog with a post about Colin Egglesfield?! He must be one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen. And I totally can’t believe that he recently turned 40 (oops, I’m sorry that I disclosed this information, Colin).…