Will Adam Lambert finally return to rock?

I read that Adam Lambert is thinking about recording a new album (his 3rd), which should be full of cover songs from the 80s. Nothing has been determined yet, but if you ask me, this would be an amazing idea.

I have to admit that I was, from the very beginning, a little bit disappointed that he has decided to go into dance / pop. I really saw him more in rock music. I won’t say that I totally didn’t like his first 2 albums. I really liked songs “Whataya Want From Me”, “Music Again”, “If I Had You”, “Broken English”, “Trespassing”. (My ultimate favorite from him is “Time For Miracles”, which was on the soundtrack of the movie “2012”.) But still, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he went in the wrong direction. Therefore, I wasn’t really surprised (sorry, Adam) when I read that his second album “Trespassing” didn’t sell well.

I know that he previously sang in musicals (which I would be happy to go watch them, btw), but he more than proved, during the competition on American Idol, that he has the voice for rock music. I still can’t forget how he sang Tears for Fears’ “Mad World”. It was considered the best ever performed song on the reality TV singing competition. And we must not forget all the performances he had with legendary rock band Queen. Oh, what I’d give to see their concert (Queen + Adam) live.

I hope they finally realized that they made ​​a “mistake” and that he will get back to the place where he belongs. He has such a powerful voice that he should be at the very top of the charts.

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  1. Rocker says:

    Yeeeeeeeees that would be great…

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