New Kids On The Block: 10

The new NKOTB’s album, simply named “10”, is out today. Why “10”? Apparently because it’s their 10th album release in the US, including the compilation albums (please, correct me if I’m wrong). Otherwise, this is their 6th album and first studio album since 2008’s “The Block”.

I’ve heard some short previews of the songs before and I have to admit that it wasn’t the love at first listen. It’s definitely a completely different album from the previous ones. Some will like it immediately. Some will have to listen to it couple of times to get used to the new sounds. And some will never like it. That’s the fact.

I immediately liked “Remix (I Like The)”, “Crash”, “Jealous (Blue)” and “Survive You”. I totally fell in love with Jonathan Knight’s voice in “Survive You”. Jon, you have to have more solo’s in songs. I know that this is out of your comfort zone, but judging by the fans reactions, it might be something worth considering?!

When I listened to the album several times, “Fighting Gravity”, “Back To Life”, “We Own Tonight” and “Wasted On You” started to grow on me. I love Donnie’s solo in “Miss You More”. But “Whisper”, “Take My Breath Away” and “Now Or Never”, unfortunatelly, aren’t exactly my cup of tea. No offense, guys. You know, tastes are different. I still love you and appreciate your music.

What do you think of the album (you can find songs on their YouTube channel – here)? What’s your favorite song from the album? My favorite, at least at the moment, is “Survive You”.

OK, let me conclude this post with their most recent single – “Remix (I Like The)”:

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