Meet the Dirtswitch

So I won’t be writing only about foreign bands, let me introduce you a modern rock/post-grunge band from Slovenia, named Dirtswitch.

I must admit that I haven’t heard of them until, a few days ago, their guitarist Jani told me about the band. And they have already successfully promoted their music, both home and abroad. In Slovenia they appeared at some of Slovenia’s biggest rock festivals. In the neighboring Austria they won 8th place at the International Live Award on Maifest 2011′s rock stage.

When I heard their debut album “Phoenix Down” (released in 2011), the sound of their music first reminded me of Soundgarden (an American rock band, which reached the peak of their fame in 90’s). Pleasantly surprised I found on their website that they were truely heavily influenced by the grunge, modern rock and post-grunge artists of the past two decades, such as Soundgarden, Alter Bridge, King’s X and Shinedown. OK, I guess I know a thing or two about music.

I immediately liked the song “Looking Back”. For others, I have to admit, I needed a little more time. Songs aren’t bad, far from that, but it’s not the style of music I usually listen to on a daily basis. So I took the time to carefully listen to the rest of the songs and… they really started to grow on me. “Today” is now my second favorite song from the album, which is closely followed by songs “Innocence” and “Too Much”.

I have to say that it’s more than welcome to hear something new and quality on Slovenian music scene, which is (if you ask me), with the exception of a few bands, pretty boring.

Their guitarist told me that they are planning to record a new album in the summer so I’m really looking forward to hearing more from them.

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