Mark Knopfler in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I can’t believe I was at Mark Knopfler’s concert yesterday. Why? Because a few years ago I didn’t like the legendary group Dire Straits, which he was a member of. I guess musical taste varies with age. Mine is definitely changing.

The concert in Ljubljana was a part of his “Privateering tour”. He started it with a song “What It Is” and continued with songs from his last solo album, “Privateering”, and some others from his solo career. So we could hear catchy blues / rock songs with traditional folk and country influences… such as “Corned Beef City”, “Privateering”, “Father and Son”, “Hill Farmer’s Blues”, “Back to Tupelo”, “I Used to Could”, “Song for Sonny Liston”, “Postcards from Paraguay”, “Haul Away”, “Marbletown” and “Yon Two Crows”.

He sang only four songs from Dire Straits: “Romeo and Juliet”, “Telegraph Road”, “Brothers in Arms” and “Far Away”. I was expecting a bit more songs from them, if I’m honest. I was most looking forward to “Sultans of Swing”, which unfortunately he didn’t sing (he played it at other concerts on this tour).

Knopfler and his band offered us a kind of a musical ecstasy, by creating mini symphonies (they were particularly creative in a, more than 12 minutes long, song “Telegraph Road”) with all these different instruments. They were playing all from violin, flute, several guitars, keyboards, bass, drums to bagpipes. I especially liked the songs with the Irish touch. I love Irish music.

The entire concert lasted a little bit less than 2 hours and was a treat for all those who appreciate the music itself, without any special effects. But I guess the real musicians don’t need all that.

At the exit from the hall, I heard quite a few compliments and I think most of the visitors really went home with a big smile on their faces. I definitely had one. And if he ever returns to Slovenia, I’m definitely going to his concert again.

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