Josh Groban’s concert in Vienna, Austria

I can’t believe I finally saw Josh Groban live. It has been my desire for some years, but I have to admit that I wasn’t paying attention to when and where he was touring in the past… Until this year, when I quite accidentally found out that he’s going to have a concert in Austria. Since then I was trying to convience my friends to go with me (you can read more here) since I knew that my boyfriend is not a fan of his music so I didn’t want to forse him into something he doesn’t like. But at the end, just 2 days before the concert, he surprised me with the question, if we’re going to buy tickets for Josh Groban’s concert or not. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I know that you aren’t interested in how we traveled from Slovenia to Austria that day and what we ate before the show (btw, it was Mexican food. Yummy! Haha), so… fast forward to the concert part.

Josh came on stage at exactly 20:00. I was pleasantly surprised, as singers / bands are usually delayed for 10 to 15 minutes (or even more). He immediately started with the song “Brave”, followed by a song “False Alarms”. When he started singing, I got goosebumps. Then he greeted the audience and started “fooling around”. I won’t go into the details so I won’t spoil the surprise for those who haven’t seen the concert yet. All I can say is that he’s freaking hilarious and I laughed to tears a couple of times.

He sang the songs from the last album and some of the older songs… so we could hear “February Song” (one of my favorites), “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress”, “Sincera”, “Vincent”, “Hollow Talk”, “Falling Slowly” , “Happy In My Heartache”, “To Where You Are”,… OK, not necessarily in that order and I’m sure I forgot to mention some songs, but please fill me in.

Josh not only sang, he also played the piano and the drums. He answered some questions, danced with a woman from the audience… And in general, he had a contact with the audience all the time, which only a few artist have (I know, because I’ve been to a lot of concerts so far).

He ended the “official” part with the song “I Believe”. After receiving a loud applause, he came back and sang 2 more songs – “Awake” and “You Raise Me Up”. He said goodbye to us once again but we didn’t have enough, so we were clapping and hollering like crazy until he returned to the stage and sang the last song of the evening – “Smile”. And yes, 24 hours after the concert, I’m still smiling.

Concert lasted 2 hours, but I could listen to him all night… and day. He really has an amazing, powerful voice. His singing, joking, dancing, drumming… and of course I must not forget to mention his very talented band and the guest choir… made the concert a pure perfection. Even my boyfriend said it was OK. Though he’s still not a fan of his music (sorry, Josh), but he laughed heartily at his jokes.

Josh really is a born performer and I hope I will see him again. Soon.

PS: A video isn’t mine, but it excellently displays the end of the concert.

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8 Responses to Josh Groban’s concert in Vienna, Austria

  1. Sierra Lita Browning says:

    Wonderful review and video. I especially love “Smile”

  2. Rosita says:

    The concert in Vienna was my first Josh Groban concert too.
    It was amazing! But i think the sound was to loud in the opening!
    Josh have a wonderful voice, but the sound engineer was sleeping!
    The first and the second was to loud.
    My husband is a sound engineer – he went also at the concert and he isnt a fan of his music (he likes his musik, but i love him)(sorry honey:)).
    Have you seen the people with the flashlights? The really run, run, run, run the hole concert. What have they done?
    I hope you write back! Sometimes it is very lonely at a planet called Austria where nobody knows where Josh Groban is? *frustrated*

    • Dasha says:

      Hey, Rosita!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I have to admit that I’m not an expert as far as sound is concerned. It was good for me. But if your husband is a sound engineer, I believe he knows what he’s talking about.
      Yes, those employees were really annoying. Even Josh made a joke about them. Don’t know what are the rules in that hall, but I’ve experienced something similar before, on some other concert (not in Stadthalle). Sometimes the band have problems with people taking pictures, sometimes the Arena has these rules… Since Josh said that we can take photos and film videos, don’t think this was his idea.
      I know exactly how you feel. When I mentioned to some people here in Slovenia that I’m going to his concert, they were looking at me like I’m crazy. “Who is he? Never heard of him before”. But I’m making some progress here. A few friends of mine are already enthusiastic about his music.

      • Rosita says:

        I think he hadn´t any problems with photos or videos!
        There are so many videos on youtube – with him or singing with him.
        That was my dream – singing with him – ahhhhh! 🙂
        I´m singing since i was a young girl and i have a teacher for my voice the last 10 years.
        So, thats a big dream.
        I saw all the videos on youtube, when he sings with fans – I´m so unhappy when i see this moments.
        I love his voice – it is so powerful and romantic – he catches my soul!
        I have no Josh Groban Fan under my friends. Thats so bad. Nobody knows him.
        I hope you are a new friend, if you want to!

        • Dasha says:

          You should do something about this dream of yours, Rosita. Write him on Twitter and maybe you’ll be able to sing with him the next time he’ll be in Vienna. If you are on Twitter, you can follow me @dasaples.

  3. Simi says:

     I got goosebumps reading this :o))) and i`ve been to a lot of concerts. diffrent artists from diffrent countries but in general, no one has a contact with the audience. so BRAVO Josh!

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