Introducing The Kendricks

You know the feeling when you get an email for the music review and something tells you that this is going to be good?! And as soon as you hear them sing, you can’t wait to start writing a blog post about them?! Well, this just happened to me when I first heard The Kendricks.

The Kendricks are a Los Angeles based indie-rock band. Their music was influenced by classic rock, folk, pop and alternative rock but their sound has been developed while playing live shows throughout Los Angeles. In the last fall they took some time off to record the songs they had been working on and the result are 2 EPs. The first one is called “Farewell” and it was released a few days ago.

EP is composed of 7 songs (“Threshing Time”, “Maxwell’s Demon”, “Riverrun”, “Miles”, “Libertines”, “Once I Knew”, “Farewell”), which are, as they say, “chock-full of odes to failed relationships and the crisis of human Will, seasoned with oblique references to the laws of thermodynamics and the Spanish Civil War”. I couldn’t write it better.

When you listen to some of their songs, you got the feeling that the music takes you generations back, while others have a more modern sound. This isn’t so surprising, considering Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, The Strokes, and Bowie are among their inspirations.

When I first heard the music I couldn’t believe that it’s self-produced. They recorded both EPs in various apartments and studios in Los Angeles in just 2 weeks. It sounds so professional, as if they were on the music scene for a long time.

I have to admit that they’re one of the few new bands, which I would go gladly listen to live and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming EP “Fire At Sea”.

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