Introducing Morrisa Jeanine

To be completely honest, her music is not really “my kind of music”. However, I really like her voice and also some of her songs.  Since I have a really good feeling about her, I decided to write a blog post despite all that.

So… who am I talking about? Her name is Morrissa Jeanine and she’s an R&B, soul, pop singer from Atlanta, GA. She’s not exactly new in the music industry. She began songwriting for other artists in her early 20s and has worked with some well-known names.

3 years ago she launched the online campaign for her first solo independent mixtape project, called “The Good Ol’ Stuff”. The mixtape, with a leading song “Dirty Ol’ Clothes”, has attracted interest of several media outlets, music executives and peers. They all agreed that her music is raw and real R&B. I have to say that this song is probably my favorite song from her.

Fast forward 2 years, more precisely in October 2014, she released her first EP, called “Year XXVI” in celebration of her 26 years of life and the fact that she made her first official project (even under her own independent label Verse Union). It contains 6 songs, with “Out The Game” being a leading song and in fact the main reason that the EP was ever created, because the song received a lot of positive reviews from listeners around the World.

She has also completed a full 11 minute visual EP b.k.a Short-Film, which is a mixture of scenarios from all the songs from her EP “Year XXVI” and songs from her forthcoming debut album “Untold Stories”.

If you live in Atlanta, GA… the viewing for the full film is scheduled to premiere this Fall, followed by her live performance, so… stay in touch with her.

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