Introducing Meridian Lights


Meridian Lights is an alternative rock, electronica & soul band out of Brooklyn, NYC, consisting of vocalist Bradley Valentin and guitarist Yohimbe Sampson.

Bradley and Yohimbe were both influenced by many different genres of music and art while growing up. Yohimbe is self-taught and started to play the guitar as a teenager. He perfected his skills while studying the instrument and playing with various bands. Bradley started singing as a teen in his mother’s church choir. Even when he listened to music, he always paid the most attention to the vocalists. Over the years, their paths have repeatedly crossed, but a meeting at one of the parties was “fatal”. Yohimbe has grabbed the guitar and since nobody wanted to sing, Bradley took the microphone and… the rest is history.

In April 2013 they released their first album, called Meridian. It includes 7 songs (“Magic”, “OK Better”, “Sexpound”, “Alright”, “Truth”, “Jonah And The Whale” and “Star”), some of which resemble the songs from the 90’s, permeated with different styles. On some songs the sound of electric guitars is being mixed with electronic voice, while others are almost pure pop, rock, electronic, soul songs. The sound in most songs is very catchy, lively and playful.

Meridian Lights released their second, self titled, album on September 23, 2014. It’s more mature than the previous one. The songs are dominated by the sound of guitar and Bradley’s vocal is wonderfully expressed. Some are lively and others more sad. “Scars and Breaks”, “OK Better”, “Bombs”, “Forever”, “Lady bartender”, “Rodeo”, “I Remember” are the songs, which you can find on this album.

They’ve played in various music venues in and around New York City so far. So, if you live in NYC… I’d pay attention to when guys will play nearby again.

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