Introducing Marquee Mayfield

“If you like Jay Kay (Jamiroquai), you have to listen to Marquee Mayfield’s music”. You can find this comparison in every other article about him. To be honest, I did that too, when I first heard him.

I remember our first conversation a few months ago, when I told him that I hope he doesn’t mind the comparison. But luckily I later found out that he describes his music as “Jamiroquai-inspired and P-Funk Approved” as well.

So… who is Marquee? He’s a pop, R&B, funk, soul artist and a songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. His talent for singing and dancing was already “written in his genes”, since he grew up in a family where his mother was the lead vocalist of the house and his father’s dance moves were pretty impressive (actually he credits his R&B vibes to his father).

He discovered his love towards music while listening to 70’s soul, funk flavors like Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, and Sly & The Family Stone. Richly versed in the old skool of soul and with a modern mind, smitten by disco’s dance floor, he’s bringing a new form of funk to the stage.

Mayfield has frontlined a variety of R&B, funk and soul projects in the past but now he’s focused on debuting his first solo EP,  which he intends to release in the near future.

His first single, called “Breakdown”, is a funky, soulful, disco song. One of those songs where you can’t sit still when you are listening to them (even if you don’t like to dance).

He remained faithful to funky style in his second single, called “X Factor”. It’s not as catchy as his previous one, but nevertheless you can’t get it out of your head.

These 2 songs sounds promising so I hope that we’ll soon be able to hear the remaining 4 from his EP… and that we’ll hear a lot about him in the future.

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