Introducing Broadcast Hearts

Totally by coincidence I “discovered” the band Broadcast Hearts today. As soon as I heard the song “The Captain’s Call” I became a fan of their music. Just in case, I still have listened to other songs and I found out that my first impression was right.

Broadcast Hearts is an alternative rock band from Connecticut. If you like bands such as Coldplay, Keane, OneRepublic or even Mumford And Sons, I’m pretty sure that you’ll like them too.

The band was founded in 2009 and 2 years later they released their first EP, called “The Beginnings”. The EP is a collection of a bit more energetic song “Sirens”, a love song “Freeze” and 2 versions of a ballad “The Captain’s Call”. I was surprised by the fact that this EP was recorded and mixed by the band themselves. For this purpose they used everything from dorm rooms to basements and a school professor’s lab. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, they say. It would be a real shame if the guys wouldn’t be presented to the World.

Recently they released their second EP, which they named “Anchor Rising”. The EP consists of a lively songs “Real” and “Sails, Wings & Wheels”, where you can’t stand still by listening to them, and already mentioned ballad “The Captain’s Call”. I was very pleasantly surprised by the fact that 50% of the sales from this EP will go to the charity Oxfam America. So they’re not only talented musicians, but they obviously have good hearts, too.

On their site I also found the song “Go Blind” for which they even recorded a video, but I’m not quite sure if it’s on any of the EP. The song is one of my favorite songs from them.

If you ask me, I think we’ll hear more about these guys.

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2 Responses to Introducing Broadcast Hearts

  1. Simi says:

    Hmmmm…no wonder you are their fan. The Captain’s Call is a very nice song. I bet we will hear more from them. I am not into rock but I like the sound of this song. So on repeat 🙂
    Thank you Dasha.

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