If you haven’t heard Joy Valencia’s songs, now is a good time to do so

A few days ago, a woman named Joy Valencia, started following me on Twitter. Since she has a verified account, but I haven’t heard of her before, I became curious. I went to her website and found out that she’s a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter.

While browsing through her ​​website, I found out she studied music production & engineering, songwriting, and voice at Berklee College of Music in Boston. This aroused in me an even greater curiosity, so I took time to listen to her songs… Oh, woow! It was love at first listen.

I like the rhythm of the song “Don’t Wake The Lion”. It’s such a catchy song. You can’t stand still while listening to it. It makes me want to clap my hands and to dance around the room.

Songs “Wallet” and “It’s a Beautiful Day” have an old-fashioned sound, as it were from the beginning of the previous century, with a touch of freshness and some newer beats. Specially the latter is a catchy, funky tune. As the title already says, this is a song you would sing all day long when you’re in a good mood.

“If You Love Me” made me think of the theme song from Twin Peaks – “Falling”. Don’t know exactly why. Maybe because of the sound of her voice. Which is not a bad thing, believe me. After all these years (how many years has it been… 23, 24?) I still love it. And I just love Joy’s voice in this song. It’s so gentle and it calms you down. You can listen to it before bedtime, but I’m not sure if it would have a real effect on me because I would probably listen to it on repeat.

She has only 4 songs on her website so far, but she wrote in her Twitter bio that the album is going to be available extremely soon. I can’t wait to hear it. Based on songs already made, I’m sure it’s going to be a dope.

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