Gibonni is a 20th Century Man

For all those who don’t know who Gibonni is… He’s one of Croatia’s biggest stars. As a singer, composer and songwriter he’s active for more than 20 years and in that time has released 10 solo albums (correct me if I’m wrong).

In the last decade, 5 of his albums were among the top 10 albums in the region. With the release of the album “20th Century Man”, which is his first English album, I strongly believe he’s going to win the foreign audience too. Apparently at The LA Times share the opinion with me, since they included him on the list of 15 global acts most likely to cross international borders.

The first song which I heard from this album was “Ain’t Bad Enough For R’N’R”. It was love at first listen, which is nothing new. This happened to me with the majority of his songs, including his new single – Hey Crow. I have this song on repeat today.

On the album you can also find, in addition to these two, songs “Hide The Mirror”, “Broken Finger” (English version of ”Vesla na vodi”), “My Cloud”, “20th Century Man”, “Kids In Uniform”, “My Brother Cain”, “She Said” and “Nothing Changed” (English version of “Žedam”). Believe it or not, I like them all. A friend of mine is teasing me that I would like it even if Gibonni read the phone book. Oh, well… I’m guilty as charged. But how not to love his soulful voice and sense for melody?

On behalf of the promotion of his album, he already had a mini European tour. As a guest at Mick Hucknall’s (from Simply Red) concerts he presented the album in Budapest (Hungary) and in Prague (Czech Republic). He also had concerts in Vienna (Austria) and Berlin (Germany). If you missed any of them, welcome to the club. 

Even though Croatia is our neighboring country and although he had lots of concerts in my hometown already… I haven’t managed to see him live. Whenever he had a concert nearby, I had other obligations. Once he even had a concert only 300 meters away from my home but I wasn’t at home at the time. I nearly lost my mind. The next time he came, I immediately bought a ticket and was really looking forward to his concert. Do you think I finally saw the show? No! On the day of the concert I got really sick and at the end I stayed at home. Can you imagine my luck? It’s so stupid that it’s already funny.

I really hope that I’ll be able to see him (at least!) once in the near future. Gibonni, if you are reading this… Please come back to Celje as soon as possible. But before that I would prefer to coordinate our schedules (I’m just kidding).

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  1. Simi says:

    Im not a Giboni fan. I don`t listen to Croatian music. Its not my style. :/ but there is one song that always lifts me up 🙂 may I add a link to my fave Giboni song 🙂
    teeeeeeemperaaaaaaaaa 😀

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