Gary Barlow’s Open Road

Since it’s a Throwback Thursday and I’ve heard Gary Barlow’s song “Open Road” after a very long time… I decided to write a post about it.

For those who don’t know Gary Barlow (is there anyone that doesn’t know him?)… he’s a frontman and lead vocalist of a British boyband/manband (call it what you want) Take That, a judge on the The X Factor, one of Britain’s most successful songwriters, pianist, record producer…

I can’t believe that this song (and the album with the same name) is already 16 years old. I remember it like it was from yesterday. I still love it. I love the lyrics, specially the chorus: “So I’ll just keep on walking down this open road, hoping someone, somewhere needs me. So I’ll just keep on walking down this open road, talking to the man who knows me. Yes he knows me. The man is me.” It still gives me goosebumps, everytime I listen to it.

All nostalgic I went to YouTube to listen to his other songs from his album “Open Road”. I’ve already forgotten how good they really are. Do you still remember a little more energetic songs “Love Will not Wait” and “Hang on in There, Baby”… the ballads “So Help Me Girl”, “Never Knew” and “My Commitment”… Those are my favorites, with “Open Road” still being my ultimate favorite.

I remember that I even bought this cassette when I was in San Marino at the time of it’s release. Yes, a cassette. They didn’t have his CD in that store. I think I still have it somewhere. Great memories.

It looks like I’ll have these songs on repeat today and I know of someone who won’t be very happy about that. Oh, luckily we have a few headphones at home.

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