Coldplay surprised us with a new single

Completely out of the blue, Coldplay decided to publish a new single (& a video for it), called “Midnight”. And this isn’t the only surprise. The song is in completely different style than we’re used from them.

I’m a huge fan of their music, but if I’m quite honest, I haven’t decided whether I like the new single or not. It’s different… it’s calm, but at the same time dark… and it’s kind of disturbingly catchy. Once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head, therefore its purpose is achieved.

I don’t know whether this is the first single of their next album or just a standalone single, but I’m certainly curious what the other songs will sound like. Apparently we can expect a new album in the near future.

What do you think about the song? Do you like it?

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