The Normal Heart, an outstanding TV movie

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The Normal Heart is a drama / TV film, based on a Larry Kramer’s play, written almost 30 years ago. It shows the beginnings of HIV / AIDS epidemic in New York City (in the early 80s), which was first called “gay cancer”, as it appeared that only homosexuals get that disease.

The film is shown through the story of a writer and activist Ned Weeks (played by Mark Ruffalo). When he read an article in The New York Times, titled “Rare Cancer Diagnosed in 41 Homosexuals” and some of his friends were already dying, he knew he had to do something about it. So he looked for help and information at the doctor Emma Brookner (played by Julia Roberts). At the same time he founded a prominent HIV advocacy group, which was joined by his homosexual friends. While Ned wanted to speak publicly about the problem and was even looking for support from the Mayor (for which it was rumored that he’s also a closeted homosexual), his friends and co-workers wanted to solve the issue behind closed doors. Many of them feared to disclose that they are homosexuals, because there were high possibilities that they would lose their position in society. One of them was also Ned’s intimate partner, Felix Turner, who was played by a handsome and talented Matt Bomer.

OK, I won’t disclose all the content now. If you want to see the movie yourself, I highly recommend it. I was completely taken over by it and was full of different emotions while watching it. I cried, I was angry… when I saw how ignorant some people were (and still are).

The movie was nominated for numerous awards, including 16 Emmys. It won several awards, an Emmy for an outstanding TV movie is one of them. Maybe this is one more reason to see the film.

PS: Did you know that since the epidemic began in 1981, over 36 million people worldwide have died from AIDS and more than 6,000 people are infected every day with HIV? This is such a frightening statistics. I don’t even want to think about it.

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